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      ...The nation’s brightest young minds to consider careers in STEM and cyber related fields


      ...Robust dialog with the American public on cyber policy, technology, and privacy


      ...Those who “served in silence” with valor and distinction, especially those who gave their lives in service

    Did you know?

    Polish mathematicians & code breakers made the first breakthroughs against Nazi Germany's Enigma code.......

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    National Purple Heart Day

    Friday, August 7, 2020
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    US Marine Corps Cryptologic Association Reunion

    Monday, September 7, 2020Thursday, September 10, 2020
    Orleans Hotel, Las Vegas NV

    19th Annual Eagle Alliance Hosted Crypto Cup Golf Tournament

    国外安卓市场,Uptodown,软件多不和谐-福利吧:2021-1-26 · 感谢论坛网友“maxxie64”分享,更多优秀分享请访问本站论坛www.wnflb.com 国内市场都被和谐的差不多了,之前一直去酷安网下载的,因为某些你懂的原因,现在少了不少软件,半死不活的。 同时,国外的一些比较知名的市场,比如谷歌市场,肯定是被墙的。
    Compass Pointe Golf Course, Pasadena, MD
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    Veterans Day

    Wednesday, November 11, 2020
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    • 华硕AC68U梅林Merlin固件安装V2Ray离线安装包,梅林固件 ...:一直都在使用华硕AC68U的路由器,刷了梅林,总体来说非常好用。而至于富强工具,我也逐渐从酸酸乳过度到我更为喜欢的V2Ray,那么肯定也要让梅林固件吃上V2Ray。软件包及安装条件 当然该软件为tar.gz格式,不知道别的固件的路由器可以使用不!
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    • Welcoming Mike McConnell to the NCMF BoD
    • "Code Girls" Author Liza Mundy Selected as NSA/CSS Scholar in Residence for 2020
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    • V2Ray完全使用教程-峰网博客 - zshttp:2021-5-18 · V2Ray是一个优秀的开源网络代理工具,可以帮助你畅爽体验互联网,目前已经全平台支持Windows、Mac、Android、IOS、Linux等操作系统的使用。相对起Shadowsocks来说属于后起之秀,在混淆能力、兼容性、速度上有着独到的优点。本文最后一次 ...


    Virtual Student Federal Service Internship

    Apply by July 31 for Virtual Student Federal Service internships. Search the VSFS site for cybersecurity projects today.

    Eleventh US Coast Guard National Security Cutter Named for Elizebeth Smith Friedman

    A U.S. Coast Guard press release (7/7/2020) announced that their 11th Legend-Class National Security Cutter will be named in honor of Elizebeth Smith Friedman who cracked rum runners' codes and served as a government witness.

    Fundraising Update from the NCMF Director of Development

    Get up to date on the campaign to build the new museum/cyber center, plus learn about the NCMF's overall fundraising and development outlook in this update from Sheela Mirmira.

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    On This Day In History


    • 7 August 1944

      The first fully automatic computer, the "Harvard Mark I," formally began operations. In the photo: Grace Hopper working on the Mark-I at Harvard University during WWII. Photo from @GillianJacobs

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    About Us

    The NCMF directly supports the National Cryptologic Museum (NCM), the first public museum in the U.S. Intelligence Community. We think you will agree it is truly a ios富强上网

    Located adjacent to the National Security Agency (NSA) in Maryland, the NCM houses a priceless collection of artifacts that represent our Nation's history in code making and code breaking, as well as a world class library of cryptologic media. The NCMF acquires the best artifacts for the NCM and supports new educational and interactive exhibits.

    The NCMF provides exceptional cryptologic programs throughout the year, encourages young minds to explore cryptology and innovation through valued awards, and hosts educational, cryptology-related exhibits at various community events.

    As part of the Foundation's partnership with NSA to build the Cyber Center for Education and Innovation - Home of the National Cryptologic Museum (CCEI-NCM), the NCMF also serves as a leader in the field of cybersecurity - striving to provide the best in educational resources and programs.

    The NCMF and NCM share a joint three-fold mission to Educate, Stimulate, and Commemorate. Learn more about our MISSION.

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